My name is Áreli Fernández López.I´m Spanish and I live in Leganés (Madrid) the capital of this country.I´m studying in the high school I.E.S Butarque and now in this academic year I think that is a little bit difficult, but I suppose that this is only the beginning!!xD.
Well, I think that I´m a good person,a little bit stubborn, but a good person ...also I´m very generous with the people and very extrovert and crazy with my truth friends,but I´m very shy with the others if I don´t know they very much.
My appearance is normal,I´m short, I´m dark skin, I have brown eyes and black hair and I wear a beautiful lilac glasses (I hate them!!).xD
I like it the sports!! now I don´t practice any but I see them for the T.V, fascinate me!!!Anything related with the word "sport" I like it!
My favourite sports are:formula1, football, tennis,and I love see the snooker in the T.V!!a type of pull.
Also I like it music, all the day I can listen music! My favourite group is My Chemical Romance but also I like Queen, The Rasmus, Coldplay,U2, The Darkness....and others.
I don´t like sudying nothing!, but I want to be journalist so I have study very much for pass my exams.




This history is about a young wizard in his school Howards.
This is his fourth year in the residence, and he wait his first leassons very impatient, but the school is preparing a new event that change the destiny of this boy.
All the teachers public the event: the tournament of the three wizards.
The argument is that three wizards for differents schools (to be of age) participate in three differents activities test,and the winner,win the price:the globet of fire.
For a mistake the wizards are four and one of the wizards is Harry,he don´t want,but is obligatory.
Then he participate in the activities test.
The first is a fighting with a dragon, and he pass with success.
The second is a scuba diving where he save a friend,and also pass the activity test very well.
And the thirth activity is a labyrinth.
Here Harry go past for very difficults situations but finally he find the globet of fire there at the same time that other wizard, and they take the cup.
After that they to appear in a cemetery and very early Harry think that these is a trap.
Just in this moment Voldemort the enemy number one of Harry to appear there and he kill the other wizard,his name was Cedric Digory.
Then Harry get furious and fight with Voldemort. Harry win the fight and escape taching the cup with the corpse in his arms.
Finally the teachers help to Harry and he return to his house.He wait one more time impatient to the next year for his revenge...


Once upon a time
I was lived in my village with my parents, I lived very happy, I had a lot of friends and the places of the village were very beautifull... until the day that I discovered that I had a twin sister. (Áreli Fernández López). I discovered that when I was 15, first I felt very angry with my parents but then when they told me the story I understand the situation but not the whole history made sense, and I started suspecting.(Estíbaliz Martín). When I tried to asked some compromising questions to my parents, they felt angry and shouting me and this was the reason for which I decided to investigate for myself.(Sara Torres) I started to investigate and I discovered that they didn't be my true parents and I felt really sad and started to cry thinking, where are my true parents?.(Diana Rubio) It was when I started to realize, that my life was really a disaster, because my real parents had died, and I was going to investigate that ... ( Mirian Sánchez)Do not stop looking for ancient documents which were related to my padres.ellos they led me to a not very distant site place(carlos).I discovered that my real parents had died in a car acident when I was only two years old.(Jaime Vicente).Since then only it had been living in a lie, my life was a lie and I also, instinctively prepared myself to flee, but something I changed of idea and decided to look for my twin (Ester). I walked all the towns and cities without finding any information which provide it, until the final day just walking down the street, I cross it. (Lara Tallante)
she asks him if it was her because they were exact and she told him their last names and they coincided then with his he/she gave had made k he/she was their twin sister (Alberto Tajuelo Miguel). We begin to have a beautifull new life, we went shopping, to a discos, we doing close friends (Laura de Santiago).We were very happy but one I received a call.(Mónica Llanos)My twin was dad. I put very sad(Nerea Sanchez)was the worst day ever I was very nervius want know all the true Why my twin was dead and then I received other call a unknow number I talk whit he and tell me that he know the true and if I want know it I have to met whit he...(Aroa Maquedano) my suprise is was when i go to the date i discover that i have more family,a rich ancle,a grandmother....(amor).My live had changed in a very little time and I still don´t believe it (michelle). Then my boyfriend and I started to seek more information about my great family.(Andrea García)