Alba's Profile

Hi!!! My name is Alba. I'm 14 years old. I'm kind, cheeful, honest and tidy, but I'm very shy, lazy and impatient.I'm very affectionate and friendly. I love watching Tv, surfing the net and listenning to music. I like shopping, swimming, singning and go to the cinema with my friend. I hate to play sports and liar people.

I 'm not taller but I has got medium-length, dark and curly hair. All days, I usually wearing jeans, t-shirt, jacket and glasses.

My favourite group

My favourite group is "The Jonas Brothers".
This group consists of three brothers: Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. The star a group in 2004.
They have released four CD's but the record a CD is "Jonas Brothers".
Kevin is principal guitarist but he's too a bass player. Joe is principal vocalist and he's guitarist and he play the tambourine.
Nick is the group's artistic inspiration. he's second vocalis, guitarits, principal drummer, but he also writes the lyris songs.
They have many concerts and videoclips. They did two movies and they did a series about themselves, called J.O.N.A.S .
My favourite song is " When you look me in the eyes". I like so much this group because his music is cool and because they are different, they are a family.