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My name is Alberto Atalaya Gómez. I am Spanish and my first language is Spanish; I´m studying English at Butarque Secondary School, so we can help each other with our language homework. Well... I think that I'm a tall and slim person. I am a warm and friendly person, sensitive, honest and hard-working, a bit lazy and ambitious. I´m 18 years and my weight is 66 kilos; I'm also 1,84 metres tall. I have got pale skin and I don´t wear a moustache. I have got brown eyes also, I have got brown and straight hair. I love going out with my friends at the weekend to party discoes and I love shopping too. I like fashion a lot. =D
I don´t like studying very much, but I want to be a journalist, so I need to pass my exams. I also like reading magazines and listening to music very much. My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne. I like dancing salsa, merengue and chachacha.

All the best,