My profile .
Hi Ana.
Thanks for your e-mail. I'm a student from spain. I live in Leganés in Madrid.
You want to know what I look like and what I enjoy doing in my spacetime.
Well, I'm short and I'm seventeen years old. I have got dark hair and brown eyes.
I'm Fnny and shy I like play tennis and I going to the party with my friends at the weekend. I don't like studying
but I need to my exams. I want t be a civil servant. Now, I'm playing with my computer, because I have got a new
I have to go now. I have got to go my village.
Write to me son tell me about yourself.

Descripcion of a place .

One of my favourite places is the beach.
In the Beach you can take a bath when you want and
to mount in ship and to see the whole coast from the views of the
ship can also see things in the depths that they very beautiful
as many species as very strange fish.
It is the Beach there is a very hot and very warm climate
for that reason it is very hot but there are sometimes
storms that you can be very dangerous.
To the Beach we almost goes everybody of vacations and
that it is a good landscape to relax but to other people it is
the mountain the best place to relax, but it is that in the
mountain it is very cold.


I believe that my future will be very good.
in some years I will buy myself a mansion because I will be working in a multinational company thanks to my professional experience.
When I am 45 years old he already opens state traveling all over the world to visit
wonderful places like Italy, United states...
When I go aging I will be writing a book about all my long life.
And finally I will finish living in Australia a country with a quite hot climates
where my favorite animals live. The kangaroos.

Once upon a time a very very distant town of the wealth in which many inhabitants and animals live but in that town it happened a serious problem since there was a nuclear power station located exactly to the side (Alberto Tajuelo Miguel). All animals began to get sick and this gave rise to all the people living in that city is also made sick by eating animals. (Lara Tallante)
People are frightened by the epidemic decided to go elsewhere to live, but the worse thing because those people were affected and they were getting ...(Mirian Sánchez)more deasses.the people began to die because was not the cure.(Mónica Llanos)All the people who were ill started to live in a town while every scientist were working to find a cure.(Jaime Vicente)

Writing a letter giving advice.

Dear ...

If I was you would think a little before smoking because to smoke can bring serious consequences for the organism like the cancer or another type of illnesses.
I believe that you smoke because their friends have told him that you smoke and to make you but the interesting one and that not this well because if you don't want to smoke he/she doesn't have because to make it.
if I was you would not smoke because to smoke your own girlfriend doesn't sometimes like you because you t puts the yellow teeth and the encouragement that it removes your mouth after having smoked it is stinking.

Are you for or against being a famous model?

For my the famous model being is very hard in this life since to be model sometimes demand you to have a good body and to follow a good feeding for your health.
Some of the disadvantages are also that you will be pursued almost all the time day by day by the journalists of the.
The advantages of being a famous model are that you make a lot of money every time that you even go television program to count some novelties of your life. it is also good to be model famous because he/she knows you everybody and in some places they make you offers and many but you sew.

In conclusion to be a famous model can sometimes be tired because each one wants to take some things of their life in private and other times he/she wants to make money to maintain to their family and to take out it ahead.