Alicia Blázquez


In a village very small lived a family very poor ,they didn't have money for eat .One day the father desperate ...(Alicia) became in a dealer of drugs, becouse a man that he guess is his "friend" told to him that this bussines was going to extract to his family of the poverty...(Estíbaliz Martín). He didn´t told nothing to his wife, but she was suspecting something, becouse was too strange that the man earn lot of money without work...(Sara Torres). One night he received a call, and he had to went to a dark alley to give the goods but the buyer didn´t be normal, minutes after he extracted the policeman's plate...(Áreli Fernández López) and was arrested, his family was worried and hung posters of disappearance, but after a long time he was offered probation, and went straight to his house to attack his wife because he thought he was to blame for everything that happening. (Mirian Sánchez)I strike his wife in the head and sintio so badly that he went to submit to the police(carlos).After this his wife decided to leave him, nevertheless, he tried to look for her thousand times asked her for pardon, but he didn`t find her(Ester).
After the passage of time, one day he found the street, but had changed so much that he hardly recognized, and it was when he realized that he had returned to the world of drugs. (Lara Tallante). But the one could not come out d since the world of the drugs it is a world that who enters it doesn't leave for but that the he/she attempted it it was not able to leave the drugs (Alberto Tajuelo Miguel).He/She paid the drugs steal to the people.But a day He/She was arrested.(Mónica Llanos)that would leave drugs(nerea)He pass 2 months in the prision where met a person who could help himself to leave the drugs and could recover his family but something ruined this...(Aroa Maquedano)When he left the prision he was ok because he couldn' t take any drugs there so he had recover but...(Jaime Vicente)his wife don`t want to return with him becouse she get maried with one of his old friend(amor).He was to seek to kill him, but...(Andrea García)