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Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your e-mail. It is good to know that you are studying English at school. I´m studying Italian so we can help each other with our language homework. You want to know what I look like and what I enjoy doing in my spare time. Well, I think I´m tall for my age - I´m 17. I have got dark hair and brown eyes and I´m quite attractive and pretty. I´m not shy and I like meeting people and making new friends. In fact, I love going out with my friends and do many things with them. I like studying very much, because I want to have a good job, I don´t know what I want to do or study, but I don´t worry too much about that because I have time to decide what I want to be in the future. I also like reading books and listening to music. I´m listening to R. Kelly's CD at the moment, do you remember him? He is my favourite singer. I have got his new album. I have to go now. I'm going to Marisa´s. I hope you enjoy this e-mail.
Write to me soon and tell me about yourself.
All the best.

when i usualy dream about my future eight years from now, i think I would live in Italy whit my housband and my children,
I would like to have two beautiful kids and work in a big multinational company like an importan psycology or economist
I would like to earn too much money to manten my children and give them whatever they like.
I thing I will be maried whit jhon an importan comedian for those days , I woul like to travel around the world and know many place and diferent cultures , and the best thing I want to do is go out to lear english very well and teach my kids since they small.

villages love

a long time ago a boy and a girl met in a village disco.whene the boy saw the girl he fell in love with her and they started to going out many many month
and they get maried and they lived in the girl mothe hause.
while the couple found works becouse they just finised they degree.the women learn psicology and the man learn electrician.
they are a kind couple and they are generous too.
by the time they live in the girl mohter hause,she was be generous with them but whene the womam saw that her daughter and her son in low doesn´t have work she became bat with them and insensitive.but afther three months the boy saw work and he started working in a petrole companyand then they share a flat with the boy friends while the couple figte to day in the morning they received a visit, the girl mother , to said them that she nide money to pay her house becouse she doesn´t work for the moment and she don´t have any thing to eat.
the couple think and give her the money but wiht one condition. "they don´t want to see her in they hause again", the mohter agree and they living happily.
the couple have a babys, girl and boy.
this story get place in spain.

once upon time...

in a far far village was live a poor family,the father can´t work becouse he was siking (amor). He couldn't move because their illness takes strength.(Mirian Sáchez)
The man was so tired to work for all his live non stop one minute, his legs don´t already work (Michelle). the man had a very serious illness in the legs because they had operated him of the two knees and each moment hurted them much of making a lot of effort (Alberto Tajuelo Miguel).

special place
My favorite place is bioko island, is one of the three island of Ecuatorial Guinea. located in the center of Africa
Bioko island is one of the best places i ever see and live in the world.
the people are too friendly and they enjoy`s everything they have in this especial place, they know that they have too much of special things that many countries don`t have.
the food is very tasty, you can meet very exotic foods like "abala"(is an tuber call it "malanga") and "banga soup",is amazing.
the beaches have black sands and around them the`re many coconut , andthe water`s are clear`s
the wether is the most, the sun brighis almost all the year, but theis many dampness.
if one of you tinking of going Ecuatorial Guinea i recomend you to visit Bioko island.

letter for paul:
dear paul, i write you this letter for give you some advice about your request.
if were are you i would give up smoking,i would consider what my girlfriend said and what i want for my health.
your health is a risk,you can pick up deseases like cancer(lips,lung,throat,and you will have more flus,etc)and you can lose your girlfriend,the are other problems such as have a cough,you will smale everytime.if you determined go ahead, you should think about the consequences,you must be more propensive to sick and think about the girl you have,you can met enyone like she.
thanks yours