I hope you like my mail.
My name is Ana,I am 17 years old, I have blonde and long hair but the truth is that my hair is dark also I am small of stature,I have brown and ragged eyes.
I think that I am sociable,cute,sweet,a little crazy but I can also be serious, I am friend of my friends and generous, I love listen to music and animals why I have a little duck.I am study but i don't like my favourite subjet is lenguage I would like to study Spanish Philology but is hard also I like go meet with my friends and go to the cinema to watch a scary movies but sometimes frighten me.I like sport but I am lazy, my favourite sport is sleep.
I hate the maths
I have to leave in this moment,I have things do.
you writte soon!
very kisses!

dear paul,
i think that you should quite smoking,because it is good for your health, and that should do for yourself but doing it on your girlfriend i think a good motivation.
But if you do not want you do not have to, because nobody should be forced, and I think it would be easier if she supports you, rather than forced.
You think and do what you fell