My profile

Hi Kate!

My name is Andrea García Cerezo. I'm fifteen years old. I'm a student and I'm studying in a high school - its name is Butarque Secondary School. I'm tall and I have long and dark hair. I have brown eyes.
I like surfing the Internet, going to the disco and shopping with my friends and I like very much listening to music.
In my free time I do aerobics with a friend.

Write to me soon and tell me about yourself.


One history (EL Bola)
It tries on a boy to who his father beats to him. And a day del goes to its school another boy that becomes friend. Then, one goes away with its friend and its parents to the mountain and when regaña arrives the father him, it insults to him, the father finds out and it sticks a beating to him and it is run to house of its friend to request aid to them, but they are not possible to be with because they can denounce to them and then the father goes to the house and the boy escapes. Later they leave to look for to him and they find him and they even take it knowing that it can denounce to them and the boy goes to the police and tells what the father him towards doing to him and that beat to him. In the end one sees as the boy puts a ball that him gift its father in a train way and passes the train and it is squashed.

A memorable place!
My favorite city is Burgos.
It's a city located in Castilla y León.She has an important historical-artistic patrimony between which is its cathedral.It's has a cathedral very important called Santa Maria, a monastery and two churches.
The weather in spring is rainy, in summer he is gentle and humid and in winter is cold and usually it snows.
Another one of the things by which it is my favorite city is because this my town there.

In my opinion it is a wonderful city!

My Future
I sometimes daydream about my future.
I think that before I’m 30 I’ll have studied in another country and I have lived, for a time, in a flat in the center of the city with other people that I will meet. And when I’m 30, I’ll be working as a lawyer and I will win a lot of money. I will live in a big house with my husband and two childrens. But this is just a dream, who knows what te future me...

In my opinion ther are many reasons to go to other country for learning other languages. Firstly, when you go to other country, you meet people that speak in other language than you, this is important because you must speak in this language to understand him and comunication. Furthermore, make a lot of friends, meet other people, others cultures...
I think that go to another country it’s a beautiful esperience.

My conclusion is that all people should go to another country.

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time in a small village away from the city.(Andrea)Here lived a special child whit his grandparents(Michelle).the boy that lived in this town was very famous for his characteristics that ago (Alberto Tajuelo Miguel). He wasn't the typical child smiling and wanting to have fun, looked at something that had happened ... (Mirian Sánchez)