Aroa Maquedano

My name is Aroa I'm 16 years old.I'm Spanish and I live in Leganes(Madrid). I'm a girl short, my hair is very short and brown I have a fringe.
My mouth is little but my lips are big. My eyes are brown and my nose is medium. I'm psychologyly a person really negative, I'm generous, friendly, very talkative and a bit hysterical.
I cook very well and think that I'm very independent. I love punk rock music my favourite grops are: SP, Green Day, FOB, Panic! at the disco, Billy Talent... but the most important for me is My Chemical Romance I'm very obsess with this group.
I don't like study I hate maths, I don't like read books because I think that are boring I prefer music and I like meet with my friends.My favourite sport is surf but I never had play it. I love Austalian and New Zeland are my favorite countries.

Write to me soon and tell me about yourself.



This story is about a book call Ghostgirl and take place in a highschool of US.
It tells the story of Charlotte Usher a girl small, thin and with long and straight hair, this girl want to be popular for speak with Damen, the boy that like her, but he has got a girlfriend call Petula.
Is the perfect couple: he is a popular boy and play in the highschool´s team and she is the most popular and the beautiful leader of the cheerleaders.
But when Damen speak with Charlotte, before that she answerhis, Charlotte dead choked when she was eating a gum bear.
But although she is dead, Charlotte achive speak whit Damen when Scarlet the Petula´s sister, a girl goth, reserved, and insociable is possessed for Charlotte.
At first Scarlet don´t fell in love of Damen but at the end and thanks to Charlotte, Scarlet and Damen are a couple. although this doesn´t like to Petula.
Finally Charlotte speak with Damen and end wiht her matters spending for can go in peace.


I not going to write about my favorite country cause I haven´t been in Asustralian or New Zeland so I going to write about Asturias, this place in my opinion is the most beautiful of Spain, this place have a list of typical things, first the climate is rainy and always humid both in winter and in summer other typical thing tis the people that I think that are very simpathy and funy less in Llanes that are enought stupit and the end typical thing is the food you never have hungry because all the time you are eating!! the food is the best and you can eat well in many places and the beach is very clean and beautiful if you want relax and live in the city also you can walk and all you want.Finally I think that is the most place to live, if you live in Spain and want move!

I think that being a famous model could be good depends of the person that become famous, if this person, for example, want be famous singer because he likes the music and think that is the most important in his life, and going to make an effort, I think that is good but the majority only want to be a famous singer for earn money. I am disagree.

On the one hand, there are people that don´t have money for get be a musician and need a opportunites, and and if exist a programme which can help them, why don´t going to? Is a dream and could get it.

On the other hand I don´t like this programmes, In my opinion this people only go to this programmes, because they want be famous althought haven´t any talent, all is a show and I think that the people who see this programmes are stupid, they donn´t like the music or the art they only want know eg.She fell in love of he, or she told that was anorexic, or he miss her dog... things that haven´t connetion whit the music. Is a show about the psicology problems of the contestant, is obvius, evidence that the contestant only are here because then, want go to heart programmes for speak about his relationships. And not only the contestants are patetics but also all the people who arearound they. The panel of judges, is disgusted , are people who follow a dash and probably don´t feel or don´t think the words that told and audience believe it. And this panel of judges hummiliate at the contestants and they don´t say nothing is like a film isn´t real.
In conclusion I am in disagreement, whit this idea and I never have saw this programmes I hate it. And the worst of all this, is that the poor or stupid people who go to this programmes think that will have future in the music, but 1 or 2 years laters are forget. Is something really fam but is the true.
This is my opinion for all the programmes whit this contest not only OT, Big Brother, X factor or same.