Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor Fountain.plaza mayor

The Plaza Mayor of Brunete is near of the town council. In the centre of the Plaza Mayor there is a fountain, the fountain has got a sun in the middle. On Christmas, somebody puts the tree and can be the crib. And in the Plaza Mayor they put some tents. Also we celebrate some tennis matches in the Plaza Mayor. Near the Plaza Mayor there is a church, the church of the Asuncion that people build after the battle in Brunete.Also in the Plaza Mayor, there is an inscription that Franco tolds to do it.
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Church of the Asunción.

Close to the mayor square,we find the church of "nuestra señora de la Asunción".We know that it was built in to the 16th century and restored in 1772.
In 1836 a terrible fire devastates it.
In the 19th century also there will be ruined the tower.
In the tower we can see a roof of slate,but previously it was circular.
There was know between the neighbors the coldness that was suffered among his walls.

The patrimony of the church was destroyed in the civil war.
The people of this village love this church, his images of Santiago and Cristo of Patrocinio too

Retablo de la Iglesia de la Asunción.

Portada renacentista de la iglesia.

Town Hall.

Brunete's town hall is placed in the centre of the village, next to the church. Enough time ago, the town hall was formed by several people of the village, who were chosen at random .Nobody was offering to be a mayor, because they were not paying them. In these times, the village had more o less 50 habitants. Brunete was growing, at the same time as his town hall, and now it had thirteen councilmen with his mayor, Mr Felix Gavilanes, chosen democratically in June, 2007 with 48 % of the votes.On wall of the town hall there are hung Brunete's , the Community of Madrid and Spain flags
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Casa de Falange.

Cristo del Patrocinio Feasts.

Encierros and corridas. The "encierros and corridas"in brunete were very easy:The bulls went out of the bullpens and they went over some streets even the place where

put carts surrounding the place so that the bull didn't ride hard.After that the people came
to the place and fought the bull,put the banderilla and they slaughtered the bull.After that
they took the bull and they ate them and they invited all the village and they made a popular
eating free for all the village.
Now,the tradition continiue except that before the people put carts and now put a bullring. This is the history of the "encierros" in Brunete

San Sebastián Feast.

Ermita de san Sebastián.


Alfonso Moreno.

Alfonso Moreno was born in 1944. He was the principal of the school Batalla de Brunete and he funded the high school Alfonso Moreno, also in Brunete. He has two grandsons. The youngest is at the moment studying at Batalla de Brunete but the oldest is in the high school, just like me.
Alfonso Moreno is nowadays retired, although he still writes books which are, to my mind, very good and very interesting.
He has been living in Brunete for a lot of years.

Battle of Brunete.

The civil war bunkers

A bunker is a defensive military fortification.The bunkers are made in iron and cement, they haven't door becausewhen the soldiers go out of the bunker the enemy shoot them.
The bunkers are conected with subterraneans tunels.
The Brunete's bunkers are made and use for the nacionality forces in 1938 in the civil war.
There are bunkers in the border of Brunete, the bunkers are good conservated but the tunels are collapsed.There are a lot of bunkers because the Brunete's battle are very important in the conquest of Madrid.

Roundups: Olímpica, Aeropuerto...

Parks in Brunete.

The main parks in Brunete are:
Luis Martín Granizo Park
There are football and basketball courts, a skating rink and children games. It's located between Cultural Centre and public Swimming pool.
La Asunción
There's a bandstrand. Children and young people meet for buying sweets. Old people go there for a walk or talk. On saturday there's a market where food and clothes are sold.
La Paloma Park
There's a playground with slide, swings, etc.
Recently, a new park called Juan Pablo II was inaugurated. There is a sculpture from Pope John Paul II.
In Brunete there are another small parks, in Prado Alto, las Eras street, Altozano square...
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Fountains in Brunete: Caño Nuevo, Los Morales...

Sports Facilities

Cultural Centre.

The Cultural Centre is a place where we can do a lot of activities.We have the music and dance Schools there and you can learn to play instruments like the piano,guitar,saxophone and clarinet.There is a reception where you can get information about the activities of the centre from Monday to Friday.The classes have different times;in the morning and in the evening.But normally most of the classes are in evening.
During the summer at the end of the school year and at Christmas,the music and dance School often shows to people of Brunete.

There in the center of the village a large pond, which is reflected in the waters of the rains, which the people of the place called the Lagoon, located in what is now the City Park, which served for watering livestock, and so that part of it called "the Porquero" hozasen and revolcasen the mud that pigs there left neighbor Later, towards 1925, it made a hole in the landscape of Morales, who through an electric motor, a driving pipelines and a deposit located on the top of Cemetery carrying water to the center of town to a source with two pipes, known as Source of Morales opened in 1927, and fortunately, pervivio the Battle of Brunete, and today this intregrada within the Municipal Park