Hello I call myself merino carlos strap and live in leganes.tengo 17 years and at this moment I am dealing 1 º of a boy, brown of average stature, with the brown eyes and the chestnut-colored clear hair throwing to rubio.moralmente I consider myself to be a person with many personality, estrovertido, gracefully, nice and tolerante.mis friends call me charli.tengo a brother that daniel calls himself and shares my aficcion with the sport, especially with the football that is our major sport, which we practise ambos.espero to play algun day his her,your lado.tambien I have girlfriend fiancée, she is called laura and for my it she is very important as my parents, carlos and maria.

Often I think about my future, since for my it is very important to have clear what wants to do one in, because of it I feel proud to have the mio determined or at least to fight to have it. Me gustaria to study the career race of physical education since podria to say that I live for the sport. Once finished me gustaria her it to reconcile with trainer's courses years and algun that another specializing master. Me gustari to manage to be a teacher of physical education in an institute. Everything without counting telling my dream, since in relidad is to be a football player, the dream of any child.

In my opinion there are many reasons why all teenagers should spend one year studying in another country.
From my point of view teenagers should learn at least two languages. I think the best way to learn another language It is listening and speaking all the day in the language that you want to study so students should spend one year studying in another country.
I think It is important to experince life in another country because they have differents traditions and other cultures too.
In addition living in another country makes you more open-minded also you would respect more the foreigners than if you had not lived in another country.
Finally I think that teenagers will become more mature if they have to live in another country alone.

Mulán is a girl who was living in China with his(her,your) family. He(she) studied to be a geisha and tested it to be. I support the whole family to the maximum and they trusted fullly in her(it) and in that it(he,she) could obtain it. The day that his(her,your) grandmother was examining of it I give him amulets of good luck, between(among) them a cricket. Mulán did a disastrous test(proof) and did not manage to be a geisha. The family I remain very disappointed.
Throughout a time SOME China and the emperor invaded I form(train) an army with every member of a family China, the men were in the habit of going but in Mulán's family it(she) was she(it), which obtained alone she(it) the victory before the UNOS.Se turned in a heroine and in the example of the family.

El monasterio de el Escorial es uno de los sitios reales de España mas conocido.Era famoso incluso antes de estar construido.Sin embargo,se trata de un enclave con personalidad propia,cuya arquitectura se imitó en numerosas construcciones civiles y religiosas de la época creando de esta forma el estilo herreriano,llamado asi por su arquitecto principal:Juan de Herrera.
Ademas,el Monasterio se encuentra rodeado por unos bosques de pinos y robles que merecen una visita por si mismos.Un paraje ecológico idóneo para realizar cómodas actividades de senderismo y de acercamiento a la naturaleza.
Hay, al menos ,dos formas de llegar: desde la N-VI (carretera a la Coruña),cogiendo la N-505 . a la altura de las Rozas (por el puerto de Galapagar y el embalse de Valmayor) que es el camino menos transitado,o bien por la N-VI,hasta un desvio de la N-600 antes del pueblo de Guadarrama.

The monasteria of the Dump is one of the royal sites of Spain mas acquaintance. It was famous enclosedly before being constructed. Nevertheless, it is a question of an enclave with own personality, which architecture was imitated in numerous civil and religious constructions of the epoch creating of this form the style herreriano, called like that for his(her,your) architect principal:Juan of Blacksmith.In addition, the Monastery is surrounded by a few forests of pines and oaks that deserve a visit for if same. An ecological suitable place to realize comfortable activities of hiking and of approximation to the nature.There are, at least, two ways of coming: from the N - I SAW , taking the N-505. At a height(the level) of the Cleared grounds for Galapagar's port and Valmayor's reservoir that is the way least travelled, or for the N - I SAW, up to a detour of the N-600 before the people of Guadarrama.

Once upon a time of leganes, there was a source fountain , which who which name I do not want to remember; a family of sirens was living(carlos).The family of mermaids were really beatiful but they had a problem...(Jaime Vicente)which is that the mermaids
in leganés were very chased because the fishermens were giving a great remuneration for finding them...(Áreli Fernández López)...and the minor sister didn´t want to be a mermaid and all the time she went to the surface of the source without worrying for the danger of her family.(Estíbaliz Martín). One day happened the inevitable thing, the fishermans captured her and nobody of the family knowed where is she and the father decided to...(Sara Torres).They decided to go out to the surface and to liquidate to any human being that they saw, which led to the extermination of the human race (Ester).But there was a problem, the h uman species had the gift of the two and had lost a huge fish tail, it was then that had an idea ...(Mirian Sánchez) With the discovery of a siren that had lost the tail of fish, all had been observed that some sirens just lost it, it had ended with people like them. (Lara Tallante).This way the human being extinguished after many years of life, but then they realized that another different race arose...(Alberto Tajuelo Miguel).A race of mutants more inteligent.They had powers.(Mónica Llanos)and the world be more interesting becouse the tecnology is more and that race live in one world that the are eny problem,they respet all the otrer race in the world(amor).

Letter to give advices dear listener:
In my opinion smoking is a negative act for the health and the pocket of everything that one that inserts nicotine in his organist.smoke can cause serious problems of salud:cancer, critical illnesses, pains ... and even is possible to come to the die.i can´t count k of smoking you can provoke social differences simultaneously that to provoke critical situations as for the relation with the some person.if you smoke not only you harm your you itself but also to everything the one that this one to your can´t to stop to smoke in some public site to my way of see.atentement I it do not recommend to anybody.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a model the first thing to be a model it is necessary to be a gallant, have plug and a good body.
The advantages of being a model it is that you gain a lot of money for giving walks, coming to holidays parties, and to flirt with people of high place a profession very comfortable and very easy to agree.
It is the disadvantages that you cannot eat what you want, you have to take care of your weight day after day, cannot make yourself excesses, it is a boring work, you put horrifying clothes and have to have very much elegant parading because if you stumble they can re-go away of you 3 months.
In my opinion it is a simple, pleasant work, with the minimum effort and .se I it recommend to cocks badly bred that cannot eat.